5 min before your talk! Prep using this exorcise!

Apr 19, 2023
Shaping Future Voices
5 min before your talk! Prep using this exorcise!

You want to at least appear confident, right?

A decade of experience behind me and I'd still get goosebumps if I didn't know what to "think" or better said how to consciously direct and re-direct my train of thought before - and right before - going on stage.

Since your thinking is directly responsible for your feeling, you are manifesting either the right emotional state or the wrong emotional state in your body - and this emotional state is directly linked to your speaker stance. How you hold yourself, how you hold your body, spine, shoulders, etc is all about the right first impression your audience makes of you. Are you someone they can trust? Your body will tell them from the get-go.

Now, I believe the best way to pump up our body is by giving it an injection of real emotions! Real confidence! real clarity! Real congruency!!!
Not only will you nail the first impression - you will speak better, adrenalin will rush in and you're going to be able to reach into your superhuman speaker strength! Nailing it is soooo much easier when you're feeling confident - for real!

So, guide your thinking with this exercise. It's free. No sign-in is required.

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Speak soon 🎤💛🏆



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