I help experts and entrepreneurs maximise their impact, influence and generate measurable income by working with you on your pitch!


In 4 weeks I will coach you and your team through the design & delivery for your upcoming talk or presentation - so that you will speak with impact and achieve those measurable results you are after for your business!

My clients are seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs who wanted to take their presentation game to the next level. With my help their ROI on business events made a significant jump! 

Here's how it works...

1. STEP: We start by setting a goal of your speech, talk, presentation, interview, podcast appearance - anything you need to prepare for across any channel… 

2. STEP: We do a deep dive into your audience's needs & wants, pains and gains so you get a clear understanding of your key messages and calls-to-action…

3. STEP: We continue with structure & stories so you get clear on your content which we refine and refine and refine until it is perfect…

4. STEP: Now is the time to start practicing your delivery where I show you exactly what to do and how to do it - verbal, paraverbal, nonverbal - in ways that will fit your most authentic self…

5. STEP: We finish with dry runs that are recorded, analyzed and improved together with you so you will internalize your speech and nail it on stage…

It's 5 x 120 min of the most amazing and intense coaching sessions that will really impress you - not only will you have new stories and content for this event - you will be using the material for years to come!


"Our follow up meeting schedule was packed..."

"She mixes her stand-up comedy skills with perceptiveness and attention to detail, drags you out of your comfort zone by pushing just the right buttons, while her sharp mind just blows you away each time. The end results for me were grand ‚Äď VouchForMe was one of the 3 finalists that presented at the FIA Annual General Assembly and our follow up meeting schedule was packed. Brilliant!ūüíé "

"Got us into Y Combinator"

"Working with Meta is both fun and scary at the same time..."

Working on the best plant based whole cuts on the Planet is no startup picnic. You gotta spin your story right if you want the right people to connect you with the right people. I worked with Tilen and the Team a couple times taking their story to the next level.




I bet you're pretty busy, right! Working on your presentation with a coach can cut your preparation time in half - while you also know you're going to nail it!

Increase Your Confidence When Presenting!



They way I help my clients structure stories and content is magic. My clients use the content we create for marketing, social media, PR, not to mention future events, interviews, sales calls etc...

Create Incredible Content from your Opening to the CTA!



With my help you will design and deliver the value your audience will appreciate and will love to respond to your CTA when you offer it from the stage.Not to worry, you will not seem to pushy or salesy! 

Get clear on your CTA to generate leads & convert to sales!

"We opened a new market..."

The stakes were high and we really needed to impress, said the CEO of Lotric Metrology Group who said that working with me was one of the best experiences - after the initial scare, that most people get when I start asking way to many questions :))


"We got hot leads and great results in sales..." 

"We got a lot of value out of her pitch training. Firstly, she made sure all our presentations were in line with the end-game of the conference. It was also Meta's idea to offer 1:1 expert meetings to our audience right there at the conference hall so we rented an extra meeting room and designed a great call-to-action with Meta's help. It worked! Our guests' were very happy, we got hot leads and great results in sales - all and all it was a great event, providing a lot of value to everyone!"


I kid you not, I am a master artist when it comes to Persuasion and Influence. Decision making Presentations are my forte. Absolutely love helping people make great choices ūüėᬆ

To this day my Future Voices have spoken on many different industry events from Dubai to London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Munich all the way to New York, all across USA, right back to Russia.

I absolutely adore the fact that most people get really confused first session with me as I'm not asking the type of question you are used to hearing. However, all my clients later recommend me with the words like "there's no-one like her".

I teach public speaking a tad differently, I'll admit it. I don't want You to be perfect, I want Your Audience to get the message perfectly. There's a great BIG difference in these two perspectives and if you get WHY, then hop on a call with me and let's impress your next crowd together! 


If you want to know more about how I can help you and how it works, check my calendar and let's get to know each other!